“Angels and ministers of grace defend us!”

Angels and ministers of grace defend us! – Hamlet, Act I, Scene IV…from…William Shakespeare

Sometimes just having an angel statue, or amulet, or the likeness of an angel around, can make you feel as though an angel is protecting you, guiding you, defending you against the powers of darkness, negativity, and so forth! People have always loved angels, the thought of angels, paintings of angels, and of course unique items such as my Angels By Julia seen here!

Maybe YOU need an angel to comfort you or a few as gifts to others! These are not Christmas-looking angels, but they do make a wonderful Christmas Gift, and there is still time! You can PayPal me the proper amount for the number of Angels By Julia that you desire, and you can even e-mail me a list of names and addresses with the people who you would like me to mail them to, even individually! There is still time, IF you hurry and act now!

Your gift recipients will LOVE these angels! Just wait and see what kind of response that you get! The fifteen dollars each price, includes postage, whether here in North or South America, or even via International Mail to Europe, Asia, and Australia! 



This is a sampling of my newest creation…an Angel holding a Pink Ribbon for Breast Cancer Awareness…

Angels By Julia are ONLY $10 each! Hurry…for a limited time only!

A portion of each purchase from Angels By Julia will be donated to one of various Breast Cancer charities that I proudly support!


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