Angel Lovers: The Other Angels Section Will Keep Growing! Some Awesome Angels That I Did Not Make But They Are Still Awesome Angels!

I keep developing new Angels and if the photos don’t show enough details, then accept my apologies, please. All of this technology is new to me. What is NOT new is how I take a piece of what they call “plastic canvas” which looks like a mesh screen, and then I cut it into the shape of the angel, then spend hours wrapping thread around each little tiny square within the mesh. These take time to make but I have plenty of that!

The box shown yesterday has all of its sides made out of this same plastic “mesh” canvas and then there’s the lid…plus a little three dimensional angel adornment glued to the top! Those boxes look exquisite when you see one up close!

I promise when you get any of my crafts into your hands or into the hands of your gift recipient, you will not be disappointed! ONLY $20 each…money well spent!




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