April Birthstone Angels

The popularity of  wearing birthstones first  started in Poland. The stones were once believed to have magical powers and the powers were enhanced during certain months. To have the full effect one would have to own a complete set of twelve birthstones. To this day some people believe birthsones are lucky. I have my first lucky birthstone angel available April’s birthsone is the diamond or clear quartz. The first angel pictured below measures 3′ by 4″long and hold a clear  gem. She has a magnet on the back and a string in case you prefer to hang her from a car or office space. If you want to order one go to my contact page and order a lucky April Birthsone Angel. She makes a great birthday gift. Only $10 including shipping. The following angels are my Lucky April Birthstone Angel pin and Lucky April Birthstone keychain. They measure 2″ by 2″ and make great birthday gifts too.  It would be nice to have the comfort of an angel on the end of your car keys. Angels are a symbol of protection.If you would like to order one  please specify if you want the pin or keychain. They are only $5 each including shipping. Also please tell your friends and click on and visit my Etsy shop www.angelsandcrafts.etsy.com


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