Contact Me!

You can send me an e-mail at and I will be happy to answer any questions that you may have! That is also the e-mail address you can use with PayPal to send the funds to purchase these beautiful Angels By Julia! They are currently Ten U.S. Dollars Each…a small price to pay for artistic integrity and angelic beauty! The prices include the cost of postage for me to mail them to you, almost anywhere in the world!

If it is more convenient for you, now you can mail me a check or money order.I can mail them almost anywhere (Sorry…NOT to the continent of Africa) If you are outside the USA, please get a money order in U.S. Dollars, and allow three to four weeks for delivery. (Canada allow one to two weeks.) If you wish to mail a check or money order please E-mail me and I will E-mail where to mail the check.

Angels By Julia are ONLY $10 each! Hurry…for a limited time only!

I look forward to your questions, comments, compliments, and your business! Please also tell a few friends!

Thank You!  Blessings!


P.S. I can actually, in the case of gifts, mail angels directly to YOUR gift recipients, and I can even handwrite a small notecard containing whatever sentiments that you want me to write. You will send me an e-mail with these instructions! Some people have me send these delightful gifts of Angels By Julia directly to several people! The handwritten notecards can only be included with Angels and Craft Items that I mail from here.***********************************************************************


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