Christmas in July

I decided to have a Christmas in July sale in my etsy shop. If you buy anything in my Christmas shop section you will get a free surprise gift I made by hand. The more you order will determine the value of you gift. Below is one of my Christmas angel designs. So many people loved my Swedish angel. I thought I would make another angel with that same hair. The braids are so cute and she holds a blue snowflake  jewel. She is available at  . Just click on the address to view. You can also order here. I only have one available in that design. I used these snowflakes on packages last year and only have two jewels left. When I sell her I will only be able to make one more. Since she is a limited design I would order her now if you like her. She measure 4″ by 3″ and can be hung anywhere you like.


Luck of The Irish St. patrick’s day Angel magnets

This trio of Irish Angel Magnets are only $25 and if you wish to purchase them separately the are only $10 including shipping.  You can go to my contact page or or visit my zibbet shop.  and my shop is called julias angels and crafts on zibbet. Mya the luck of the Irish be with you and have a Happy St. Patrick’s day.

Julia’s Angels

 I thought I would share photos of all the angels I make. I will be making a variety of new angels soon. I will be making angels holding various countries flags and angels holding birthstone colored gem sequins. I wanted to share some of my holiday angels here. If you see anything you like you can e-mail me at this is also the e-mail address you can paypal me or e-mail me for my address where you can send a check or money order.  All my angels are only $10 each and that includes shipping.  . I am on facebook and I have a shop at pictured below I my pilgrim Thanksgiving angel, holly angel, christmas wreath angel, harpist, horn playing angel, choir angel,springtime angels holding flowers, Easter angel holding a cross, Valentine’s angel, pink ribbon angel, St. Patrick’s day , Irish flag angel, and American flag angel.American  , 

Get One Of My Angels By Julia For A Safe Journey!

Some folks enjoy hanging one of these Angels By Julia from the rear view mirror of their car! They only weight about one ounce, maybe a little less, and they are only about 3 or 4 inches by 3 or 4 inches. I make them by hand with plastic canvas which looks like a mesh screen and some colored thread, and many hours of work, love, and attention to detail! Just look at this New Year’s Angel: 2011

For ONLY ten bucks you cannot go wrong and they make a Great Gift!



2011 Angels By Julia! Everyone Seems To LOVE Them And They Just Might Bring YOU Good Luck!

Let’s face it…everyone LOVES angels and my Angels By Julia are becoming more and more popular! I have put them on sale from fifteen dollars each…down to ONLY $10 Each! Please order one for yourself and one for a friend! I will even mail the one directly to your friend if they live far away from you! I will even include a handwritten card which will say whatever you instruct me to write…via e-mail!

Here is this year’s 2011 Angel which people LOVE:

Thanks in advance, for your order! PLEASE Tell a Few Friends! Thank You for that as well!