Do you think Halloween is an evil holiday?

I love halloween and many people do not know the true history behind it. If you think it is an evil holiday it is not. It stems from a celtic pagan holiday. They believed spirits walked the earth that night and searched for bodies to take over. The Pagans would put masks on to full the spirits and make them think they were not human.The Catholic church made all Saint’s and all Soul’s day around Halloween to help convert the pagans. A true witch does not worship the devil. They worshiped gods and goddesses just like the Roman’s, Greeks, and almost all ancient cultures. They had a god with horns and he was not the devil. Think of fawns for example. The Catholic church said they were evil and worshipped the devil. I am only giving you a few brief examples. I make angels and opened a separate shop for selling my Halloween crafts. I don’t want  to upset my angel customers and just wanted to start sharing my Halloween crafts here. Just click on the address to view my new shop. I will be adding more items each week. 

I will be adding a new post every Saturday!


Christmas in July

I decided to have a Christmas in July sale in my etsy shop. If you buy anything in my Christmas shop section you will get a free surprise gift I made by hand. The more you order will determine the value of you gift. Below is one of my Christmas angel designs. So many people loved my Swedish angel. I thought I would make another angel with that same hair. The braids are so cute and she holds a blue snowflake  jewel. She is available at  . Just click on the address to view. You can also order here. I only have one available in that design. I used these snowflakes on packages last year and only have two jewels left. When I sell her I will only be able to make one more. Since she is a limited design I would order her now if you like her. She measure 4″ by 3″ and can be hung anywhere you like.

An etsy shop in Loving Memory of a Mother’s Daughter

I have become friends with a  dear lady named Elaine. Her dear 12 year old daughter was hit by a car on 1-2-07 and joined the angels on this tragic day for her mother. I was touched by her story and just wanted to share it with you. Her daughter had a dream of being a fashion designer. This lady opened an etsy shop where she donates all the proceeds to bursary (scholarship) , heartstrings. So someone can go to a fashion design school or an art school program in her name. She crafts everything in this shop in loving memory of her darling daughter. To view her shop click on this web address .

Birthstone Angel pins

I  have birthstone angels available for every month of the year. I just wanted to share some pictures of my May, June,  July,August,and September angel pins. Check out my etsy shop just click on to see what I have added at If you would like to order one from me here go to my contact page. They are only $5 each including shipping.If you would like to send one as a birthday gift I can wrap it in birthday paper and send a card. Just let me know what to write on the birthday card. I will do this free of charge. The pictures don’t do these justice.  I wear a different one each day and people seem to love them and occasionaly someone comes up to me and compliments my pins and buys one. I thought the designs up myself and you can’t find these in stores. They are not made by a machine. I hand sew them with embroidery thread and love.

Luck of The Irish St. patrick’s day Angel magnets

This trio of Irish Angel Magnets are only $25 and if you wish to purchase them separately the are only $10 including shipping.  You can go to my contact page or or visit my zibbet shop.  and my shop is called julias angels and crafts on zibbet. Mya the luck of the Irish be with you and have a Happy St. Patrick’s day.

Julia’s Angels

 I thought I would share photos of all the angels I make. I will be making a variety of new angels soon. I will be making angels holding various countries flags and angels holding birthstone colored gem sequins. I wanted to share some of my holiday angels here. If you see anything you like you can e-mail me at this is also the e-mail address you can paypal me or e-mail me for my address where you can send a check or money order.  All my angels are only $10 each and that includes shipping.  . I am on facebook and I have a shop at pictured below I my pilgrim Thanksgiving angel, holly angel, christmas wreath angel, harpist, horn playing angel, choir angel,springtime angels holding flowers, Easter angel holding a cross, Valentine’s angel, pink ribbon angel, St. Patrick’s day , Irish flag angel, and American flag angel.American  , 

Luck of the Irish St. Patrick’s Day Angels

I have three new angels available for sale on my shop called angelsandcrafts.  All the angels I  sew measure approximately 4″ by 3″ . You don’t have to be Irish to enjoy these Irish beauties. St. patrick’s Day is around the corner and these make great birthday gifts. You can hang them from your car, door, bedroom, office. or anywhere you would like the comfortof a sweet smiling angel. They are sure to make  you smile.    Pictured below is Patty who holds a green shamrock.  I designed her thinking of the song A Little Bit Of Heaven (Ireland ). I like to think of her as one of the angels who sprinkled it with stardust to make the shamrocks grow. My Irish Mom used to sing that song to me every year on my St. patrick’s Day birthday. For those of you who don’t know the story of the shamrock. St .Patrick used the shamrock’s three leaves  to demonstrate the blessed trinity”s three persons in one God the Father, Son, and Holy spirit.  The second angel below I named Ann The Irish Angel holds an Irish flag .  The third below is named Kathleen the Irish Harpist. you will be amazeh with the detail I put into making her hand sewn harp. You can go to my contact page or etsy shop to order one.  they are only $10  each and that includes shipping.   If you would like to buy all three as a set I Have a special of 25$ including shipping. 

May the luck of the Irish be with you and may the Irish Angels smile on you all along the way.

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