Graduation Angel

This is my newest creation. I was going through the store and saw some graduation gifts and thought wouldn’t it be nice to make a graduation angel.I came home and started to make one yesterday. I sewed her in a black graduation gown and made a graduation cap. I rolled a small piece of white cardboard and tied a red string to make the diploma she is holding in her hands. I wanted to do something really different and I thought how cute one of my angels would look wearing eye glasses. I got a piece of wire and bent it into the shape of glass  .  I just posted her on my etsy shop today Just click on my address to view my angels for sale. If you would like to special order one just go to my contact me page and let me know what if you have any special request such as hair color etc. She is only $10 including shipping if you would like to order one from here or you can order from my etsy shop. Thuis makes a unique gift. It is my creation so you can only find her here on my blog or purchase her from my etsy shop. She is sure to put a smile on your face with her adorable ponytails and cute glasses.