Do you think Halloween is an evil holiday?

I love halloween and many people do not know the true history behind it. If you think it is an evil holiday it is not. It stems from a celtic pagan holiday. They believed spirits walked the earth that night and searched for bodies to take over. The Pagans would put masks on to full the spirits and make them think they were not human.The Catholic church made all Saint’s and all Soul’s day around Halloween to help convert the pagans. A true witch does not worship the devil. They worshiped gods and goddesses just like the Roman’s, Greeks, and almost all ancient cultures. They had a god with horns and he was not the devil. Think of fawns for example. The Catholic church said they were evil and worshipped the devil. I am only giving you a few brief examples. I make angels and opened a separate shop for selling my Halloween crafts. I don’t want¬† to upset my angel customers and just wanted to start sharing my Halloween crafts here. Just click on the address to view my new shop. I will be adding more items each week.¬†

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